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Whether they chat to an Amazon Alexa smart speaker in the kitchen, pick up the phone to a customer support team, or interact with a chatbot on a website, or app – your customers are interacting with conversational artificial intelligence.

Conversational AI can assist at every point of the consumer journey, and customers are coming to expect fast and intuitive experiences. Discover how our services provide ground-breaking solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands.


Your customers are ready to have a conversation. Are you ready to join the conversation with them? Our services will support you to put Conversational AI at the heart of your business.

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chatbots and whatsapp

Leverage Large Language Models. We partnered with Alpha International to create a chatbot, trained on their knowledge base, to answer questions from their volunteers.

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Conversational apps

Go beyond Siri, or Google Assistant; use speech to interact with apps and websites. We’ve worked with Tricon Residential to safe staff time input data on the move.

Alexa and Smart speakers

We’ve helped businesses such as Sony Music implement Amazon Alexa Skills to reach new audiences and meet user needs right in their kitchens and living rooms.

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A black book leaning against a cream coloured wall, written on the front cover is AI Consumer Index 2023


Get the latest insights into what customers want and need in an age of AI-powered conversations with the AI Consumer Index.

We’ve changed

Vixen Labs joins House 337 as part of a strategic initiative to broaden its customer experience offer with conversational AI.


Keeping up with the news and insights in the world of Conversational AI can be hard work. Our team regularly publishes news and opinions to help you stay on top of what you need to know.

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We’re thrilled to have been awarded gold for Best Use of Audio at the Digital Impact Awards in October 2023.