By Vixen Labs / October 29, 2021 / Insight
McDonald’s partners with Vixen Labs to create a skill that connects voice and mobile through the new Amazon feature Send to Phone. Find out more about our journey to an effortless ordering experience for customers and the processes behind it.
Alexa screen featuring the McDonald's logo when opening the Amazon Alexa McDonald's Skill.

A great offer is only a link away from customers thanks to Amazon’s Send to Phone functionality. 

McDonald’s became one of the first brands to appear in the Alexa Live Keynote 2021 with the new Send to Phone feature, enabling users in the UK to get access to exciting offers in no time and initiate orders directly in the skill. 

Watch the video presentation below!

In the Amazon Alexa McDonald’s skill, users can find information about their closest McDonald’s restaurant, as well as get answers to common questions. At the moment, the week’s top offers from McDonald’s are played right at the beginning of the skill, with the user only being able to access them and, subsequently, start an order, through the My McDonald’s app. Send to Phone makes this journey seamless by deep linking straight to the relevant page in the app.After hearing the offer in Alexa, the user is asked if they would like to have a link to the Offers section sent to their phone, making the user experience effortless. And the same goes for starting an order for delivery or collection.Thanks to our partnership with Amazon Alexa, Vixen Labs was given access to testing the Send to Phone feature in its beta stage. We immediately saw this as a great way to improve accessibility and get closer to what had always been our mission with McDonald’s — to create ambient experiences that make user journeys as easy and enjoyable as possible. 



Our mission is to enable brands and businesses to create more meaningful connections with their customers. Send to Phone allowed us to create a connection by bridging the gap between devices. And, because everyone loves a good McDonald’s deal, we wanted to make grabbing one more available than ever. 

To try out the McDonald’s skill UK on Alexa yourself, just say ‘Alexa, open McDonald’s’.

Are you interested in similar functionalities or developing a voice strategy that serves, sells, and connects your brand further? Get in touch today. 



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