By Vixen Labs / May 4, 2023
With more and more voice-enabled touch points on Alexa and our phones, customer journey mapping can’t exist without Voice Search Engine Optimisation (VSEO). The Barilla Group wanted a guide to help their global teams understand voice search and why it would be beneficial for Barilla
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The Voice Search Engine Optimisation (VSEO) White Paper and Video are an introductory duo to voice search for Barilla’s teams worldwide. Explaining the basics of VSEO while analysing ranking data across four countries and helping pinpoint further opportunities for Barilla in this space, these make a case for why VSEO is worth its salt and how to use it.


SEO has been in place for decades now. Everybody knows that great marketing can’t exist without a good SEO strategy. But there was a time when nobody really knew what it meant, how to use it, and even why.

It’s the same with VSEO. The data shows that voice search is a daily routine for millions of people. The new ChatGPT-Bing integration and Google developing Bard blur the line between traditional search and VSEO, making it more important than ever to optimise your content for a more conversational interaction.

Done right, voice search can increase outreach, customer satisfaction, and conversion for a brand – so, the Barilla Group wanted our expert eye on it.

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Research and analysis featured several stages, from collecting data on real-time smart assistant query responses to identifying main areas of opportunity for Barilla across the UK, US, Italy and Germany.

Looking at what people are searching, featured snippets, owned results, and position zero, we enjoyed untangling the complexity to deliver clear, practical advice. We wanted our white paper to answer what VSEO is and why it matters, how Barilla can leverage it, and what to do to improve VSEO rankings.

“Improvements in voice search accuracy and more and more voice-enabled touchpoints in consumers’ daily lives make VSEO ever more popular each year.”




So, we have the data, we know VSEO works – how do we put this in a comprehensive report that’s also easy to digest for marketing teams not so familiar with the concept?

The solution is to have the white paper, divided into subsections that explain all facets of voice search, and an introductory video to whet the appetite for more. With easy-to-read graphs and data breakdowns, the white paper is the ultimate guide to what VSEO is, how to get started, and specific benefits and opportunities for Barilla’s own strategy.

After all, this is what we’re all about – helping brands understand voice, while providing practical advice on how to use it to connect with audiences.

Voice search can further strengthen our authority as a worldwide expert in Italian pasta and pasta-related products.”

Christine Hart

Data Translator and Business Analytics Manager at Barilla Group

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  • We provided a customised VSEO report to help Barilla shape and expand their marketing strategy globally.
  • We included actionable, practical steps to help create a rapid response to the ever-changing search landscape.
  • In the US alone, we identified an opportunity for Barilla to win for utterances, which are questions people ask via voice, with an average monthly search volume of 1.24 million. 
  • Our quick explainer video saves time and still provides a great intro to what voice search is and how to get started with it.


When voice is led by strategy, business and revenue follow. We can help identify the right opportunities for your brand specifically. Find out how.



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