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Voice shopping is a gratifying act. As humans, we love to talk about what we want and like, and voice enables us to do so effortlessly. It also simplifies tedious payment and return procedures. To tell us more, we have invited former Procter & Gamble Executive Milan Turk on our podcast.

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Steve Pearce, Digital Portfolio Manager at McDonald's UK, as a guest on Talking Shop, the Voice Consumer Index Podcast.

Ordering McDonald’s Via Voice?

By Vixen Labs / November 4, 2021

The pandemic has definitely challenged how we enjoy our food. While safe takeaways became the new norm, voice simplified ordering and collecting them. And big brands like McDonald's adapted to their customer's needs. Find out how from their Digital Portfolio Manager.

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Dr. Robin Kiera discusses voice in banking on Talking Shop, the VCI 2021 podcast.

Can Voice Become The New Contactless Payment?

By Vixen Labs / October 28, 2021

While banks are slowly adopting voice-first technology to identify and relieve customer pain points, we take an exclusive peek inside the industry with Dr. Robin Kiera, finance specialist, founder of Digitalscouting and renowned global speaker.

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Lottie Norman of Contiki, Guest on Episode 5 of Talking Shop podcast

Reviving Travel Through Voice Experiences

By Vixen Labs / October 21, 2021

In disruptive times, travel companies like Contiki had to readapt. Their Content Marketing Director, Lottie Norman, tells us more about the role of voice in travel, and how they used top-of-funnel content and ambient experiences to keep that wanderlust feeling alive.

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Talking Shop Episode 4 Guests

Voice Tech is Transforming Entertainment

By Vixen Labs / October 14, 2021

Voice changed the way we search for music nowadays. The genre-based approach has been overtaken by mood-centric playlist explorations, while skills like Hand Wash Tunes are connecting fans with artists in innovative contexts.

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Talking Shop Episode 3 Speaker Harry P Pappas

How Voice Can Improve Healthcare

By Vixen Labs / October 7, 2021

The healthcare system has embraced voice like no other. We’re looking at how voice assistants can improve patient care, staff management, and even surgery procedures with Intelligent Health Association founder and book author, Harry P. Pappas.

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Talking Shop Episode 2 Guests

Can Voice Bridge the Gap in Retail?

By Vixen Labs / September 30, 2021

In the past decade, retail has migrated from a physical business to an omni-channel presence, creating a connection gap between brand and consumer. Can voice bridge that gap and add an extra human touch to the way we do e-commerce?

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Episode 1

Voice Tech: From Toy to Marketing Tool

By Vixen Labs / September 23, 2021

As revealed by our Voice Consumer Index 2021, 91% of voice consumers are already using voice search via a website, mobile app, or smart speaker. So, how can we as marketers use voice tech as a tool to better serve our audience and improve customer experience?

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