A Deep Dive Into Voice Attitudes

The Voice Consumer Index (VCI) is the Vixen Labs flagship study of voice usage behaviours and attitudes in the UK, US and Germany. We started our research in 2019 when we realised enough people were using voice technology, but not enough data showed how. Since then, the report has revealed people’s ever-changing voice habits across platforms, devices, at home, and on the go.

seeking Answers

It began with a search for answers on how people used voice across platforms, devices, and countries. We soon discovered that the stats simply weren’t there, so we started our own research, and the initial result was the Voice Commerce Report in 2020.


The first Voice Consumer Index was conducted in partnership with independent research firm Delineate in 2021. One of the most comprehensive studies on Voice, it was featured in major publications such as Forbes, Computerworld, and more.

One Step Further

Each Voice Consumer Index goes one step further, taking the pulse of the crowd from different angles. As Voice expands and permeates through various areas in our lives, we’re always striving to dig deeper into people’s voice needs today and in the future.

What To Expect From The VCI?

Latest Research In Voice

With voice adoption increasing and habits changing each year, our report is a reliable source of information on the latest trends.


People are embracing Voice in their homes and on the go. From smart speakers to mobile, web, and even the metaverse — we cover it all. 



Voice is everywhere. Have you ever wondered about its applications in Healthcare, Retail, and beyond? Here’s your answer.


Knowledge without action is not our thing. The report shows brands how to use the data to meet people’s expectations.


Two people discussing the Voice Consumer Index 2022 from Vixen Labs.


Get details about consumer awareness, adoption, and openness to voice across the UK, US and Germany in 2022. Find out what people’s needs are from voice and how your brand can meet them today.

beyond the Voice consumer index

We love talking to you about these findings and what they mean for your brand — be it at an event, or on the Talking Shop podcast.

Other Reports

For more key findings during the years, download our reports. Examine the shifts and turns in voice usage behaviour from 2020 onwards. Compare, review, restructure your strategy in line with the trends.