Conversational technology
at the heart
of your business
Our full-service offering specialises in conversational AI strategy, design, build, education, and beyond. We’ll work together to get to the heart of your business to create the most powerful tools for you to connect with your customers using AI.


The rise of conversational AI has disrupted every industry. The release of ChatGPT has been the tip of the iceberg. Vixen Labs’ comprehensive workshops support your business to understand and apply AI technologies, whatever stage you are at.


Empower your team with the knowledge and skills to use conversational AI technologies effectively. Choose from…

  • Generative AI essentials
    Explore practical applications of Large Language Models (LLMs) and get hands-on experience with tools that unlock creativity, productivity, and efficiency.
  • Conversational AI for in-house marketing teams
    Master prompt engineering to boost in-house marketing campaigns and productivity.
  • Conversational technologies for agencies
    Elevate your agency’s service offerings with an expert-guided exploration of AI-powered digital marketing, enhancing client campaigns and ROI.
  • Conversational AI for leaders
    Navigate the impact of Generative AI on existing business strategies and learn how AI can give a competitive edge.

Need something bespoke? We can create a custom workshop tailored to the needs of your business. Just get in touch.

Strategy and design

Future-proof your business with conversational technology. Our strategy and experience design services will identify opportunities, design a roadmap, and lay the foundation to transform your customer experiences with conversational AI.

Barilla Logo

Learn how Vixen Labs’ strategy and design team supported the Barilla Group through the production of an internal white paper…

Conversational AI Strategy

Create customer experiences that help you sell, serve, and save with our conversational AI implementation roadmap. We work with your team to create a bespoke conversational strategy aligned with your users’ needs and unique business objectives that will improve brand recall, drive sales, improve customer retention, or streamline call centre activity.

Experience design

Our Experience Design service will bring your product and services to life and increase brand loyalty. We focus on the design and optimisation of your user’s interactions, including usability, accessibility, aesthetics, and satisfaction. The result is a conversational experience that is user-centric, robust, and memorable – with conversational AI technology at the core.

Build and Maintenance

Vixen Labs is here to support you from build, through to launch – and beyond. If you need us, we’ll be your partners for the lifetime of your product.

Amazon Ads Logo

Read how Vixen Labs’ worked with the Amazon Audio Ads team to create an Alexa Skill to showcase the potentials of the Alexa ad platform at trade conferences.

Conversational App Build & Deployment

Whether you need support for your existing Alexa Skill or to bring a new initiative to life, Vixen Labs has a proven track record in building, deploying, and maintaining conversational interfaces on a range of platforms.

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Web chatbots
  • Mobile builds (iOS and Android)
  • WhatsApp integrations

We can help you integrate conversational AI solutions seamlessly into your voice and chat applications, with rigorous testing and quality assurance to ensure all functional, performance, and security requirements are met.


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