By Vixen Labs / February 28, 2022 / VCI
Following the global success of our Voice Consumer Index (VCI) 2021, we’re releasing a new report this year. This time around, the research will focus on voice consumer awareness, adoption, and openness to voice marketing, advertising and media.

Featured in Forbes, RetailWire, and TechRepublic, among others, our VCI 2021 report made some serious noise around the globe. It highlighted the shift from voice as a plaything to something that more and more people use to look up brands, shop around, and even make payments.


  • 8 episodes of our VCI-inspired in-house podcast, Talking Shop
  • 10 webinars — run with sponsors to present findings to the community
  • 40+ pieces of media coverage with +900,000 estimated coverage views
  • 41 links to sponsor websites 
  • 50+ data charts and stats created to share via social media 
  • 500+ downloads of the Executive Summary and Whitepaper (still averaging 10+ per week)

VCI 2022 — DROPPING 1 JUNE 2022 

This year, our research will dig deeper into voice tech as an advertising medium. Since audio experiences have become ubiquitous, so no longer limited to the smart speaker environment or exclusive to the big voice service providers, we’re looking at how open consumers are towards digital voices across all platforms – on smart speakers, via the phone, and in the emerging metaverses of AR and VR.

After all, we talk about voice as a serious contender in the marketing space all the time, and the data backs us up. But we want to challenge this even further. 

Can audio influence the way customers shop? Does it make their life easier? How can brands make use of sonic identity to streamline processes and strengthen brand awareness? These are some of the pressing questions we’re aiming to answer.

We’re also looking at how voice compares with social media, digital display, and traditional TV and radio. The research will once again extend to the UK, US, and Germany. 

Just like last year, it will be conducted in partnership with independent research firm Delineate, and the Open Voice Network (OVON). However, we’re switching it up a little bit — you are also invited to become a partner. If you decide to join our three-tier sponsorship scheme, you will be recognised as an essential part of one of the most comprehensive studies on voice usage behaviour to date. 

You will also be featured in all Vixen Labs’ VCI 2022 newsletters, on our social media channels, and on one or several episodes of our in-house voice tech podcast, Talking Shop

If you’d like to hear more about our sponsorship tiers, prices, and advantages, visit our Sponsorship Prospectus: in the UK and US. Or contact our CEO James Poulter at by 7 March 2022.



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