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Building high quality, meaningful voice experiences is at the heart of our company. This is why we always team up with brilliant people, who also value excellence...

Text reads: In partnership with Utter One.

Great partnerships grow over great meals – lunch was the main conversation starter in our relationship with tech and development partner, Not your usual setting, #VoiceLunch is a bi-weekly Zoom meeting for Voice experts and enthusiasts co-founded by Michal Stanislawek, CEO of

Over the past couple of years, our work with has grown into a collaboration which sits at the heart of our voice application development process.

First established in 2018 in Poland, the pioneering startup has since grown into an expert team, designing and delivering voice applications for platform-based voice assistants (Alexa and Google Assistant in particular), as well as dedicated software and hardware-based solutions.

Working with Michal and the team has enabled Vixen Labs to flexibly scale our technology offering and build such projects as McDonald’s UK and National Grid’s voice assistants, while also delivering on complex use cases in customer service, voice commerce, and more recently, multimodal game development for international partners.

In Michal’s own words:

“Through working together on multiple projects, Vixen Labs and’s teams have developed a uniquely agile approach. It allows us to quickly adapt and deliver complex projects for demanding customers. Projects that lead the way and are often first to use beta platform features.”

James Doc, Tech Lead at Vixen Labs, is excited to see this partnership continue to grow:

“Having a partner like enables us to scale and discuss our client’s needs with a team of expert voice developers who know the challenges from the inside out.



As we look forward to 2023 and beyond, we see a shifting landscape which will require more complex systems to come together to deliver business value through conversation.

We’re going forward with this partnership as we seek to take on the frontiers of synthetic media, the metaverse, and custom first-party applications.

“Vixen Labs’ deep expertise in conversational AI combined with the capabilities of our technology team create a unique skill set that guarantees innovation and delivery to the highest standards.” Michal continues, “It’s especially exciting in the context of growing interest in brands with web 3.0 and the metaverse.”

Here’s to great partners, and many more lunches to come.

We can help you achieve your business goals in 2023! If you want to get ahead, then get started on your voice strategy with us. Let’s talk



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