By Vixen Labs / January 29, 2021 / News
First global voice specialist agency network: New York-based RAIN Agency and London-based Vixen Labs have formed a global partnership spanning North America, the UK, and continental Europe...
Partnership Rain & Vixen Labs

New York-based RAIN Agency and London-based Vixen Labs have formed a global partnership, creating the first global voice specialist agency network spanning North America, the UK, and continental Europe.

While the two companies will remain independent, the partnership will enable each firm’s global clients to be serviced seamlessly across markets with expert, voice-specialized strategists, designers, and engineers.

RAIN and Vixen Labs were both among the earliest and most prolific voice agencies in their respective markets and have contributed significant thought leadership to the burgeoning industry through media and events.


Founded in 2006, RAIN built one of the first branded skills on Amazon Alexa five years ago and has since become a premier pure-play voice technology company. RAIN has partnered with dozens of global Fortune 500 companies to build voice initiatives, including Nike, Nestle, Blackrock, Dreamworks and Starbucks.

Rain & Vixen Partnership

“As our roster of multinational clients grows, we’re thrilled to partner with Vixen Labs to further expand our global footprint. The Vixen team are experts, thought leaders, and now partners who share in our thinking, approach, and passion for voice.”

Nithiya Thadani, CEO of Rain.

Vixen Labs was founded in 2018 by James Poulter and Jennifer Heape and has quickly grown to work with global brands providing strategic voice consultancy and voice application development for the likes of Sony Music, Reckitt Benckiser, and Diageo. Vixen Labs was founded in the UK but has a presence in Germany and France, two of the fastest-growing markets for voice in Europe.

“The complexity of voice lends itself to specialization, and our clients routinely cite the benefits of working with pure-play voice consultancies compared to more generalist firms trying to figure out voice on the side. RAIN shares our all-in commitment to voice, and we couldn’t have a more capable or globally respected partner to expand our capabilities in North America.”

James Poulter, CEO of Vixen Labs.

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