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Over the past few years, Alexa has shifted from something we saw mainly as entertaining to more of a personal assistant. This gives brands multiple opportunities to create meaningful voice experiences for customers. Here are some ideas.

Our Voice Consumer Index 2022 revealed that the number of people who use voice assistants (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri) every day in the UK and US, has almost doubled since last year. This means there are plenty of ways in which brands can and should satisfy customer needs via voice.

Today, we want to give you a few ideas to get started with Alexa skills. To make it simple, we’ve divided them by sector.


Since last year, voice search in retail has increased, reaching 54% usage in the US, and around 40% in the UK and Germany. We use voice as a tool to research, decide and purchase. We see that this is becoming a common usage pattern for conversational AI as well.

So, if you’re looking to develop a skill for your brand, focus on helping customers answer questions about your products and brand, as well as rewarding loyalty. Make use of the Alexa in-built features like the add-to-cart functionality, which allows customers to shop directly through the skill.

When it comes to introducing your products to the right audience, Amazon audio ads might just be the thing. These are an intuitive way to connect with audiences on Alexa devices, in between their music sessions, and in the comfort of their own homes.

Connection, ease, and information are key when designing Alexa skills for retail customers.


Even though Alexa has grown in different directions in the past few years, entertainment is still a big part of its appeal.

However, access to entertainment is not enough – what people are looking for is a personalised experience. So, if your brand operates in this sector, using Alexa to help people find, watch and listen to custom recommendations will set you apart from other brands.

Turning traditional experiences, like a well-known, beloved game, into their voice version is also an amazing way to appeal to an already loyal audience. After all, games are meant to be fun and easy, and even enjoyed with friends, which is what Alexa already does so well!

For those in the US, keep an eye on Amazon Themes, a recent feature from Amazon, to connect audiences with their favourite movies, artists, and more through an interactive experience. We worked with Amazon Alexa on the Avatar: The Way of Water Theme to help promote the movie ahead of its release, and fans were delighted!

Finding the right spot between what audiences already know and like, and introducing them to new media is how Alexa works best in entertainment


Alexa is a godsent when it comes to taking pressure off busy customer teams, while increasing the level of customer support available.

From providing troubleshooting to FAQs and easy login links, there are many opportunities to explore in this area. Think about it this way – you can answer your customers’ most pressing questions, and they can access them from their living room. There’s no need to queue on the phone, or outside a physical outlet, because a skill can be used immediately and simultaneously by thousands of people.

We helped Dyson launch Dyson Care in the US, a skill that helps owners troubleshoot their cordless vacuum cleaners at home. It’s like providing them with a personal Dyson engineer in their own home. This is an excellent example of targeted, efficient customer service that gives on-the-spot advice that’s hands-free and convenient.

Always put your customers’ needs first and think about going that extra mile to make their lives a little easier each day.


In the past, Voice in finance was met with resistance from customers. The good news is that people are warming up to the idea more and more (VCI 2022). Why? Because there are so many advantages, the biggest one being ease of use.

You might have noticed how banks like Natwest have introduced voice ID authentication to improve their telephone banking services. This saves so much time. Instead of going through all those hardcore verification steps that require you to remember a million passwords, pins… your date of birth, and your first pet’s name, you can now access the support team just by using your voice.

When it comes to skills, ease is still key. People want to be able to check their balance, credit score, and even find the best financial products for themselves, all in a streamlined, handy way.

In 2016, Capital One was the first company to offer an Alexa interaction for their customers. Yes, that’s 2016 – voice banking is not that new. Their skill allows people to access all their Capital One accounts, as well as check their spending habits. This is the power of voice tech – taking something as tedious as checking your bank balance and turning it into a seamless process.

When it comes to voice and finances, always consider how you can make banking easier and more rewarding for your customers.


We can help you create the right skill, strategy and experiences for your customers. Get in touch, and we’ll get you started!



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