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Creatives fight back, Midjourney gets a new look, and more news on the pin from Humane AI.

25 OCTOBER 2023

Apple, advancements, adverts, and ancient scrolls. What a week! Let’s go…

18 OCTOBER 2023

Disney’s Loki is concerning creatives, Japan and EU converge on AI, and Doctors (and patients) are set to benefit from this AI tool.

11 OCTOBER 2023

Wearables at Paris Fashion Week, Apple GPT, and could this news make Microsoft the most popular generative AI image-making tool?

4 OCTOBER 2023

Spotify launches new AI-translated podcasts, a free LLM from Mistral AI, and ChatGPT can browse the internet (again).


ChatGPT finds its voice, customer expectations are on the rise (again) and the UK drafts seven principles for generative AI.


Free mini-ebook, Salesforce introduces Einstein Copilot, and Slack easing the back-to-work overwhelm.


10,000 people give their opinion on AI for a new report, the small island cashing in on .ai, and more from Zoom, Canva, and OpenAI.


Is this news making the world of Star Trek a reality?

9 AUGUST 2023

Glasses that transcribe conversations, new audio tools, and a prediction about the Voice Assistants of 2024 📈

2 AUGUST 2023

AI is saving the pink dolphins, Open AI backtracks, and your essential summer reading 📚

26 JULY 2023

Banks save millions with fraud detection, how to overcome the challenges of integrating AI into large-scale organisations, and more…

19 JULY 2023

Code interpreter delights devs, Shopify has a new Sidekick, Japan’s AI-equipped cameras, and Meta pledges open-source software. 

12 JULY 2023

Will AI help us live for longer? Plus the 2023 AI impact reports to read this week. 📊

05 JULY 2023

Is AI replacing or empowering us – whats your POV?

28 JUNE 2023

Wimbledon employs a new commentator, DarkBERT fights crime, and the stats to save for your next slide deck. 🎾

21 JUNE 2023

The Beatles are back, AI avatar leads prayer, and a tool to boost your reading list 🦊

14 JUNE 2023

Who’s leading the pack with innovations in healthcare and retail? Plus more calls for regulation 💬

07 JUNE 2023

The worst ChatGPT bug, AI chatbot comes to TikTok, and more….

31 MAY 2023

AI-powered flood forecasting, a real-life Babelfish, Chat GPT app expands, and more.

24 MAY 2023

New products, features and asking the big questions on AI.

18 MAY 2023

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