By Vixen Labs / July 6, 2023
Lysol’s multi-feature voice-first app elevates hygiene practices around the home and delivers real-time, localised cold and flu levels.
A woman in a kitchen packing a childs backpack with an Amazon Alexa device in the foreground

Featuring the Lysol Germ-Cast™, the skill instantly tells people the real time ​levels of cold and flu specific to their zipcode, and provides rich content and tips to help protect families from illness.


Lysol’s trusted products are a constant in many American homes. Reckitt wanted to offer practical, empowering tools to help people with home hygiene – without further complicating their already busy days.

There is fierce competition for people’s attention and a constant need to differentiate Lysol from competitors. Smart speakers have become more embedded in home routines. Notably, 51% of people in the US seek help with health and wellness from their voice application (The Voice Consumer Index).

How could Lysol answer each of these challenges, and seize the opportunity of voice applications in the home, to better help their customers in a range of innovative ways?


Lysol knew there was a fine balance to be struck if they were to deliver something truly useful for their customers. Vixen Labs went through an extensive and detailed discovery and testing process to find the answers to critical questions including:


  • How can we provide information without further complicating hectic family lives?
  • What would make life easier for parents when teaching kids about healthy habits?
  • What helps people feel empowered rather than criticised when it comes to cleaning their homes and protecting their families from germs?

When exploring how we could utilise Voice to drive brand equity, ‘where to start’ was the first question every stakeholder group had. Vixen Labs have been outstanding at making that, and any other barriers disappear almost as quickly as they arose.”

James Lancaster

Global Design Strategist at Reckitt Benckiser


We worked closely with the Reckitt team to bring this highly appreciated brand to a whole new platform – the smart speaker. The Lysol skill has several elements to capture different user preferences. Through forming an exclusive partnership with WebMD, we developed the Lysol Germ-Cast™, a real-time indicator of cold and flu instances in the user’s zip code.

Other features answer a number of different use-case scenarios. For example, room-by-room checklists and reminders reduce cleaning burden, while a handwashing timer and adventure story keep children entertained. A Tip of the Day delivers a random fact that users would not have easily known. The Healthy Habits Challenge encourages everyone in the family to work together to think about good hygiene.

a front-on photo of a kitchen countertop with cupboard above


  • Released in January 2020, and updated in March, this skill attracted attention as Covid-19 spread and cleanliness became more important than ever.
  • By April, Lysol had an average increase of 68% in unique users week on week since launch.
  • 74% of reviews on the Amazon Alexa Skills store are 5*.
  • 50% increase in ‘strongly agree’ responses that ‘Lysol is a trusted partner to protect my children’ from signal test participants.
  • 76% increase in the ‘strongly agree’ response to the statement ‘Lysol is leading the way’.
  • The skill was so popular, it led to the development of a mobile app.
  • The innovative use of technology attracted media attention.


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