By James Poulter / August 1, 2023 / Insights

James Poulter, CEO of Vixen Labs, recommends three books to read this summer exploring the ethical, humanitarian, and practical impacts of AI on society and business.

The summer vacation is upon us, and for many of us, that might look like kicking back on a deck chair by a swimming pool or perhaps sheltering in a rainy back garden (like us here in the UK).

Whichever best describes your summer plans, we asked our CEO to share his book recommendations for anyone wanting to top up their reading list ahead of the break.

Here are James Poulter’s top reads for anyone exploring the ethical, humanitarian and practical impacts of AI on society and business today.

Impromptu. Amplifying Our Humanity Through AI by Reid Hoffman with GPT-4

Bookcover of Impromptu by Reid Hoffman

The first is Impromptu by Reed Hoffman. You might be familiar with that name, as he was one of the founders of LinkedIn and is behind the new inflexion AI service that’s launched a digital assistant called Pi. This book provides a helpful overview of how AI can elevate humanity and a view of the developments in the world of generative AI. Interestingly, it’s co-written with GPT–4.

What We Owe The Future by William MacAskill

Bookcover of What We owe The Future by William MacAskill

The second is What We Owe The Future by William MacAskill, who, in my view, is one of the sharpest thinkers in the UK right now. This is a wide-ranging book looking at the future from different aspects. Particularly, how AI might play into the year 3000.

Ethical Machines by Reid Blackman

Bookcover of Ethical Machines by Reid Blackman

If you’re interested in deploying AI in your organisation, this is probably my go-to recommendation: Ethical Machines by Reid Blackman. It’s one of my most bookmarked books of the year because it gives an insightful overview of the different things to consider if you’re integrating AI into your organisation.


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