By Vixen Labs / June 8, 2023 / Evergreen Launch

Together, we’ll build an AI strategy that will help you sell products, serve your customers, and save your business money.

We’re almost halfway through 2023. 

AI-Everywhere-All-At-Once has thrown many business plans spinning, and some straight into the bin.

Right now, brand and business leaders are looking through post-after-post of advice on how to integrate ChatGPT into apps or websites. If you’ve caught yourself thinking “there’s probably more to it than this” you are right.

We can help

We want to help you get your business plan future-proofed and back on track by integrating Large Language Models (LLMs) and Conversational AI into your strategy.

At Vixen Labs, we’re experts in Conversational AI. We’ve been working with FTSE 100 brands to build and deploy conversational tools since 2018 – years before ChatGPT arrived.

We’re looking for brands and businesses that want to start a journey with Vixen Labs over the next eight weeks. Together, we’ll help you go from hesitation to a clearly defined AI strategy.

By the end of July, you’ll know how to integrate Conversational AI into your business, and begin to see it help you sell products, serve your customers, and save your business money.

Barilla wanted to prepare for the new era Conversational Search – and needed a conversational expert to guide their strategy. The VSEO whitepaper and video are an introductory duo to Voice SEO for Barilla’s teams worldwide. With new ChatGPT-Bing integrations and Bard, Barilla recognised its more important than ever to optimise content for conversational interaction.


Dyson worked with us to integrate conversational tools into their customer services which led to the creation of Dyson Care, an in-the-home technician for cordless vacuum owners. Just say: “Alexa, open Dyson care”, to troubleshoot faults and get help with maintenance. With Conversational AI, Dyson is cutting call centre costs and increasing customer satisfaction.


If you want to get your business ready for the AI revolution, email me today at, or use the form below to book a 15-minute consultation – lets get started. 



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